Merging science and technology into solutions that are environmentally responsible and economically viable resulting in increasing our client’s enterprise value through the implementation of FloridESCo’s Energy Efficiency Program.

FloridESCo, LLC is a company founded in 2013 as an ESCo (Energy Saving Company) backed by Flavigny Capital, a private equity firm based in Coral Gables, FL. Following our market study that concludes the real estate market in South Florida has never focused on saving energy, we decided to offer a turnkey solution to allow our clients to have an easy 4 steps process:


1.  An energy study showing where improvements could be made.

2.  A financial projection showing the return on investment for each improvement.

3.  An installation proposal, including products’ procurement and labor.

4.  A financing solution in which interests were lower than the savings achieved.


With this approach, our customers can have a modernized energy-efficient building, with no CAPEX required, and earn savings from day one. FloridESCo handles all four steps internally.



FloridESCo’s mission is to promote sustainability in the construction industry through the development and implementation of innovative technologies and processes that reduce the carbon footprint of construction, promote the use of sustainable building materials, improve energy efficiency, and reduce waste. We aim to collaborate with other organizations and stakeholders in the industry to advocate for sustainable practices and policies and make a positive impact on the environment.

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